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ENGITECH is a Total Management Solutions Provider with over 17 years of experience in products and services relating to low current Cables Solutions, Security Systems, Home automation, Data Center and Server room Cleaning service. Today ENGITECH represents more than ten reputed companies across the globe.

Our products and services are rendered to government organizations, Schools, Colleges, Universities multinational companies, police departments, banks, hotels, hospitals, shipping companies, insurance companies, clubs, Large, medium and small sized organizations in the region.

We provide the entire chain of services with activities ranging from export, distribution, training, and after-sales service.


Mobile Application
Mobile applications are one of the best ways to increase your customer base. We have a great team "ISBV Team" (www.isbviewer.com) to offer a custom mobile development services.
Parking management system
Custom made system for your special request
Data center cleaning
Cleaning and De-ionization service Air-cooled server boards and other electronics in data centers are often the first “filter” air reaches from the subfloor and interior air. Cement dust, human hair and skin flakes, acoustical ceiling powder, drywall particulate, air handler belt debris, tracked in...